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Kids today seem to be less resilient than they were in previous generations. Many young people in the twenty-first century don’t seem to have the coping skills to deal with adversity, and they lack the ability to persevere when the going gets tough. In The Resiliency Puzzle, author Julie Fisher provides a model for understanding how kids can develop the skills they need to cope with adversity and persevere while gaining strength, character, and the fortitude to succeed. It teaches adults what resiliency looks like and provides concrete suggestions for how to instill those specific qualities that empower kids to be resilient. Fisher discusses how it’s never too late to help children learn to develop resiliency-building skills. It can be accomplished by actively parenting, coaching, educating, and mentoring kids in a way that provides for and promotes those opportunities to model resiliency ourselves.

What’s the problem?

  • Current parenting practices, combined with other 21st century problems, are contributing to us all raising a generation of kids who aren’t learning how to cope with life’s challenges. 

  • Parents and educators need to understand that not providing kids the opportunity to develop resilience as they age, can lead to an increase, for some kids in levels of stress, anxiety and even depression. 

  • We must recognize that many Gen Z kids, through no fault of their own, aren't’ growing up with the understanding that they CAN cope with adversity, persevere without giving up, and in the process know, that they have the tools to empower them to succeed and thrive.

What can we do about it?

  • Parents need to educate themselves and learn how, by making small changes in their parenting practices, they can promote resiliency in their kids and teach them that they are capable of facing adversity and solving their own problems.

  • Schools need to provide opportunities for parents to learn how to help themselves help their kids grow up to be strong, resilient adults.

  • Schools need to allow the opportunity for educators to learn methods and techniques they can use in the classroom to promote and support resiliency without taking away from content learning.

Parent Education

There are multiple ways for parents to learn about The Resiliency Puzzle:

  • Read the book (see the links at the bottom of the page)

  • Host a book club discussion

  • Watch educational session videos (information below)

  • Host a single session overview workshop for parents (this provides attendees with an overview of the philosophy as well as practical tips but doesn’t delve into each piece of the puzzle that attendees to the full workshop series get)

  • Host a complete Parent Education Program (5 sessions)

Click the link below for details. We can offer group rates for videos - inquire through link below as well.

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Educator Professional Development

  • The Resiliency Puzzle educator professional development sessions can be done as part of a larger professional development day or can be a day in and of itself if specialized training sessions are requested

  • The program will focus on simple tweaks classroom teachers can make to EMPOWER students on their path to resilience. 

  • Sessions can be personalized and depending on your needs and time can go from about an hour to a full day. Teachers will leave with practical tools and tips that are age-appropriate (toddler/preschool, elementary school or middle/high school) and easy to implement into an existing classroom without taking away content time. 

Rates vary depending on location, group and length of program(s) desired. Click the link below for details.

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